To those with long consecutive exercise streaks...


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This is just a curiosity from my side more than looking for advice. :)

What is your minimum threshold for not breaking the streak? For example do you consider you must have a full workout to keep up the streak, or is doing the Daily Dare enough on some days, or maybe a stroll in the park though not intentional exercise would count as well? :)


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Really, any deliberate movement - not just ambling around the house. A walk, if it's a decent length and not just to the mailbox! For me, I wouldn't accept the DD because I'm pretty sure I could squeeze in something somewhere else, even if it's a quick level 1 upperbody - but that's me. That's because on occasion, the DD is something quite quick and still, like a hold, and I want my body to move. So even if it's just the quarter squats I do while brushing my teeth, or leg raises while waiting for the kettle to boil, so long as there are some of these throughout the day if I can't do a 'workout', then that's enough. And if I'm feeling really crook, I'm quite happy to accept something gentle, like the sore feet workout, or the hands ones, just so that some part of me has moved.


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It's a good question, and I believe it comes down to the individual and their exercise goals, and circumstances. For myself, any circumstantial walking or cycling does not count towards my streak. It has to be something intentional, beyond the daily movement. My threshold is fairly low (like @TopNotch). It's more about making time to intentionally exert myself physically beyond the demands of the day.

As a side note, I do think accepting failure and restarting can be a good thing. For myself, if I'm hurriedly slipping in some wrist/hand stretches before bed just to maintain an exercise streak, the cart has gotten in front of the horse. Rather than maintain a streak at all costs, it would be better for me to make time to figure out how to make exercising easier to choose, e.g. review my big picture goals, make it more fun, go outside, different time of day, more variety, etc.


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Yeah. more or less the same for me. Intentionally doing some form of exercise, no matter how light, will maintain the streak. In practice, this means that I pretty much always accomplish that. It does help to give me that necessary nudge on days that I really don't feel like doing anything.

Still, I did break my streak a few times. This was when I really was sick or injured, or when I was spending time away from home. Removed my badge on those occasions.


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A bit late to the party, but here it goes:
I don't do streaks. I workout 5 days a week (warmup, DD, difficulty 3-4 workout+EC on level lII), or at least try to. I go for drinks on Friday night and rest over the weekend. I do not consider walking as a workout. I have no car and walking is my main means of transport anyway.

I actually miss my no car days. It’s too easy once you got one to rely on it.


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I second what others said, something intentional and not casually walking around counts for me.
When I've been sick and not feeling like doing an active workout, I did a yoga workout and that to me counts too.


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I don't count streaks anymore but i keep an eye on it nevertheless. This means i want to do something every day and i have discussions in my mind if a certain thing is enough or not and that usually makes me move more than i intended initially. The hard part is always to get started anyway. But sometimes i decide to do nothing because i really can't/don't want to/whatever. Maintaining a streak tends to stress me now but it helped to establish a routine in the beginning.


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Mine is 15 minutes. When I was sick/injured, I did stretching. Recovering from oral surgery was a short walk. Early travel day was walking through 3 different airports. On days I don't feel like doing anything and can't get out to walk is at least 15 minutes of yoga. I have almost 1900 days now.