Where do you get your news from?


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I myself was glued to the news streams during the lockdowns (I imagine we all were) but I generally check the news regularly, at least once a day. It's important for me to know what's happening in the world and also locally so I usually check TheGuardian International and also a local newspaper for my town every morning. I also tune in for NBC Nightly News on youtube and Philip DeFranco youtube channel. I then also check ScienceDaily and PhysiologyToday.

Although I have to check what's going on in the world (and locally) I prefer health and development news. I look for latest research, science breakthroughs, tech and new ways to optimize and improve your life in general. I like to learn something new every day :happy:

Also, I like to know that even though the world is burning, it's still there.


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The way I follow the news has changed a lot over the past few years.

Just yesterday I ended my subscription to a daily newspaper (on paper). Unfortunately I just couldn't keep up and the piles of newspapers that were accumulating here in my house were getting higher and higher. I threw them all out and in a way that was a relief. I've kept a subscription to the weekend edition and digital access only. This really is against my nature because I am very much a 'paper' person. The house is full of books, magazines, newspaper clippings, etc.

That being said, it's not really the news that I get from the paper. It's mostly the background stories, book and music reviews, columns that are the reason to read it.

The latest news I get from news apps and websites, I follow a lot of those on Facebook as well. I was used to watching the evening news on television too, but this is another thing that is changing for me. I now only watch it occasionally.
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I used to read the world news, but stopped. I don't need that level of depression in my world, and if there is something I need to know, someone will tell me! Besides, heard a really interesting talk.
I prefer reading about biohacking (but grinding is just silly!) - and I guess we all do to some degree. We're all looking to improve ourselves through exercise, diet, supplements, whatever. Science is truly fascinating.


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I don't read the news and I don't have a TV. I only understood Corona was a thing when a customer one day in the summer of 2020 came into my shop wearing a mask and I had no idea what that was about :LOL:

I usually get what I need to know from people who come to me and tell me about it. I either disregard it as unimportant, or I look it up myself if interested. Sometimes, my partner tells me about events in the world and we discuss them.

Most of the time, though, I don't really care if it doesn't have an effect on me, aside for using it for thought experiments or discussion material.


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I get the daily Guardian email and a daily tech newsletter and one about the environment. I mostly just read the headlines, though. If I have extra time in the morning I check the BBC website and that's where I read the articles, rarely about the world news though, mostly about science, history, or communication.
News about my hometown and the one where I live I get from Facebook... When trusted friends re-post something.
So I get world and local news, and I fully miss the ones about the country I live in. Ah well.


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I'm mostly on Twitter, where I follow (K-pop and) public life / current affairs in the UK, Germany and the world. Mostly filtered via commentators, rather than news outlets, but I catch the occasional link to the Guardian or BBC. I also subscribe to TheLocal, because they focus on summarising news and changes that apply to foreign residents.

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I subscribe to several electronic newsletters from the CBC: a daily morning news briefing (world and national headlines) plus weekly reports on health, politics (Canadian), the environment, the economy, and a summary of upcoming CBC Ideas topics (which sadly I rarely have time to listen to in full, but I do often read the backgrounders that accompany the episodes). I also read the Nature Briefing and, when I have time, I trawl the Web for additional cool science news.

I try not to watch television news in general, although I live with people who constantly have the television on and often have it tuned to CNN, CBC News, or the BBC World News. So I have exposure to that, even when I don't want it. (I spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. They watch television in the next room, with the volume cranked high.)

Occasionally I watch Fox News segments on YouTube in an effort to get a handle on what people who are not like me are being exposed to and led to believe.


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I am reading le Soir (belgian national newspaper), The Financial Time, The Economist and Politico (the three last ones thanks to my work), The Guardian, I News.
I am also browsing the news section on Reddit, but I am careful to pay attention to the original media, there is a lot of stuff. Plus the radio and news on TV.


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I read the Quartz Daily Brief and subscribed to Der Spiegel (online), a german news magazin. A friend an i share subscriptions, so i have acces to two other big german newspapers. On most days i watch the main national tv news (tagesschau). I also receive the Quartz Africa and Quartz India newsletter and scan those and i have a well curated RSS-Feed and twitter timeline for news and other topics of interest. I scan headlines on a daily basis and dive deeper through several sources and recommendations if i have enough interest and time.
I am especially careful to avoid images and videos and prefer text. And i read a lot about journalism and media itself and about the mechanics of communication in general.


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What's your preferred source of news?
Do you watch/read news at all these days?
How often do you check the news?
What kind of news do you usually look for? Local, global, health or economics etc.
The daily newspaper as THE TIMES OF INDIA
Yeah i have read the news all these days of the week.
Specifically I look for local & health related news.


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For local news and weather the Austrian broadcasters ORF page: orf.at and a newspaper site derstandard.at . On the radio Ö1 (the Austrian broadcasters, commercial-free 'quality channel'), they have a journal at noon and one at 18:00 with news and in depth information. Gave my TV away some 30 years ago. Never felt the need to get a new one.
For international news the Guardian, that seems to have quite some followers here. The NY Times, vox.com for topics concerning the US.
For a couple of years, I used to have a subscription for the print version of LE MONDE diplomatique but a lot of stuff is online now, so I gave that up.