BREAKING: 10K push-ups needed to save planet!


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WOW. We did it. It's done. The Earth was pushed back into orbit!
10K push-ups accomplished!

A salute to everyone who contributed!!!!!!! 💪 That was fun too!

But the fun's not over... head over to part 2 here

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Yes. You read that correctly.
Our planet orbits the sun. Or at least, it used to...
Myself and several official Darebee scientists (who must remain anonymous) have discovered our planet has fallen out of it's normal orbital trajectory! (GASP) Too close, or too far away from the sun will spell disaster for life on our planet. We've engaged in minutes of heated debate and realized...
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The planet must be push-upped back into orbit.
Duh! It's so obvious! Just PUSH the darn thing and we're good 😀

We need YOU to start pushing! Any kind will do: Push-ups, knee push-ups, wall push-ups-

"Wait, how could wall push-ups counteract the planet's traj-"

No time for questions! Just log your push-ups to help save the planet! 💪🌎
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