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Welcome to the ORNAMENTS Event!

This year’s ornaments & prices:

= 4,000 punches
Coconut = 1,000 side kicks
Mango = 300 push-ups
Banana = 2,000 jumping jacks*
Pineapple = 400 basic burpees **

* step jacks are accepted, too
** basic burpees is a burpees without a push-up



1. You can only pick one ornament.
2. You need to complete all of the reps for the given ornament to claim it.
3. Once you have completed all the reps, post them and the ornament you picked, below in this thread.
4. The reps from all of your challenges and workouts count towards the total.
5. Only reps completed during this event count.

Once you’ve completed the reps and have posted them below, your claim will be registered. It will take ~ 12-24 hrs for your name to appear on the tree. If you don’t see your name on the tree after 24 hrs, tag @neilarey for the fastest fix.

This event is now over.

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That pineapple look mighty tasty! >:3

Update : Already 100 done. An increment of 10 in between the december fit serie works well. Did two of the workout today!)
Second update : Halfway there! Another 100 this morning!
Third update : 300 done. Tomorrow is going to be glorious!
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Banana for me!

Edited (9:24pm): 2,000 "that's a fact, Jacks" The banana 🍌 is mine!


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