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I drink my coffee black, no milk or sugar. I start my day with a double espresso and then have a cup of americano in the middle of the day. If it's a particularly long day I may have another cup of americano.

So 2-3 cups a day in total!

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

I love LOVE LOOOVE cappuccino. It's a treat, though, so I rarely make myself one. I make it with oat milk and date syrup.



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I use Nescafe instant coffee too! I like having a tea kettle instead of a coffee maker, and also because I'm sensitive to caffeine instant is best for me since I can control how much caffeine I get more easily.

I usually have only one small cup a day with vegan coffee creamer and a little sugar, I like mine to taste like a little treat, makes me happy. :D
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I take my coffee with whole milk and sweetener. Usually only one cup a day, in the morning, but sometimes up to 2 or 3.
I typically make my coffee in a mokka pot, but I also love my French press.

In the afternoons, I try to switch to tea or chicory if I just want a tasty hot beverage, but sometimes I'm looking for more caffeine than I can get out of tea (or out of the naturally decaf chicory).


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I drink cheap instant coffee that's sold in the local grocery store. No brand or anything. Usually either with milk or heavy cream. I drink four mugs a day, another mug for each time of the day. For some reason, the mug for I drink coffee from in the shop is a My Little Pony mug of which I have no idea why it's in the house, but customers like to make fun of it, so I it became a staple of the shop, kind of.

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I use Nescafe instant and add collagen powder, mushroom powder (I blend my own, currently it's chaga, cordyceps and lion's mane), cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spice), turmeric and a tiny bit of stevia. Occasionally I'll add cacao powder. It's my own version of bulletproof coffee. I don't usually have any more coffee after that. Sometimes the teen and I get coffee and then I order a coconut milk latte. If I have a cup at work, I drink it black.:coffee:


How do you take your coffee? Black. No milk, no sweetener, just black. :loveu:

How many cups a day do you drink? Since I stopped drinking normal filter coffee the coffee consume dropped significantly. Before that change / adaption it was way too much! I found a nice balance so far with about 4-6 little cups, depending on the day.

What's your favorite coffee type? Americano and Espresso.

Photos of your coffee are welcome: The coffee didn´t survive for the picture. :LOL:



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I normally have two cups of pure black espresso, one late in the morning, a little bit after breakfast, and one in the afternoon. It's mostly the act of preparing the coffee that I'm addicted too, though my body often does react to not getting its regular caffeine dose in the regular time. :LOL:
I buy high-quality, whole-bean coffee, and I always grind just enough for about 6 cups of coffee, which usually lasts for one and a half days since I prepare two cups at a time: one for myself and one for my boyfriend.

We recently bought a semi-automatic, high-pressure coffee machine (before that I used a moka pot which some people can make great coffee with, but not me), and I absolutely love it! :sendlove:

I love my espressos, but once in a while I make a cappuccino or a latte, still without sugar (the milk itself is sweet enough), but sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa.

There's a café chain here that we like a lot. Some of their cafés are located within book stores, including one a few minutes walk from our flat. Sometimes we do a lovely date there, first buying books to put onto our to-read pile, then we sit down for a coffee. There I always go for the really fancy ones. :LOL:


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How do you take your coffee?
With 18% cream.

How many cups a day do you drink?
3 cups in the morning, usually finished by 9am (drinking coffee after noon messes with my sleep schedule).

What's your favorite coffee type?
Medium-dark. I tried Costco's Kirkland dark roast for awhile and it was too strong. Made my mind go berserk, lol. I was opting for the bulk/value options that Costco offered for some time (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) but was finding them too bland or burnt in flavour. I branched out to different brands and was really drawn to Lavazza coffees. Very smooth, consistent taste. I've been drinking this whole bean blend for months now:


Steep 11 minutes in a French press and voila ☕
One day I hope to get myself a burr grinder for an even better coffee experience.


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Black and bitter, freshly ground 100% robusta. Small one at morning, regular (330ml) after lunch. So usually two, sometimes three cups per day. Every now and then I treat myself with some latte on plant-based "milk". Since it's October - pumpkin spice latte :teatime:


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I drink black coffee at the office and at home I use a Bialetti for Espressi and a French Press for regular coffee. I grind whole beans and often add coffee spice and a bit of oat milk.
Coffee is for during the day and not every day. On a regular basis and for breakfast I am a tea person.
On the road it's usually Americano or espresso and in foreign countries with a coffee culture that includes loads of sugar, I drink that with great pleasure.



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How do you take your coffee?
With full cream milk. Sometimes without sugar or sweetener, sometimes with half a teaspoon worth.

How many cups a day do you drink?

Too many. I try to stick to 3. But sometimes up to 5. I replace my water with coffee.

What's your favorite coffee type?

I usually drink instant. But I also love grounds in my french press, or Nescafe gold. I tend to add a small pinch of baking soda to the grounds, sounds weird but it tames the bitterness a little and makes it taste better. I drink a cup of real ground coffee once a day at least.

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Oh my gosh I will die.

(Though I also love coffee and chocolate! My husband thinks I'm crazy, he doesn't know that he loves my chocolate cake recipe so much because I add coffee in there...)
Coffee and chocolate go great together! I have never been a big coffee drinker. But during my undergrad I did used to eat dark chocolate-covered coffee beans when I needed to pull an all-nighter. (I don't so much recommend all-nighters or chowing down on coffee beans as a staple of one's diet these days. But I didn't always make choices that were kind to my body back then.)


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2 small espresso cups in the morning before the workout. Black, no sugar.
The coffee is Cuban Turquino Lavado (100% Arabica).
I have a little hand grinder (Zassenhaus PANAMA) and an Italian espresso machine (Lelit PL41EM).
Pretty straightforward setup:

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Welcome to the DAREBEE Coffee club!


How do you take your coffee? How many cups a day do you drink? What's your favorite coffee type?
Photos of your coffee are welcome.

I drink 1 cup a day, though the size varies (I have 3 different mugs I cycle through, none of them standard or similar to each other.) I always need Creamer - my fav right now is Coldstone Sweet Cream but I also really love Hazelnut, it just doesn't mix with all the different coffees. as for Coffee Type... I'm just about halfway into my second year of coffee and I've just been grabbing whatever sounds good off the grocery store shelves, so I've had a fair mix of brands, flavorings, and roasts, haven't found a 'favorite' yet but the one I've liked the most so far is Frederik's Mackinac Island Fudge. Right now however I'm in the middle of 1850 Folger's Trailblazer. planning to try the rest of the 1850 line eventually.


used to have a kcup machine but it broke (we tried everything except paying a professional to open it up, it was done for) so now I have a pour-over dripper, it was super cheap at the time I bought it, my store selling it for about $5 usd with filters. just plastic but I never have to worry about mechanical failure again! thinking of getting a stovetop cowboy coffee pot thing (is there a real name for it?), a mocha pot or something like a french press or aeropress, something where if it breaks it's relatively easy to fix and doesn't require electrical circuit knowledge.


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❤️ coffee! I drink about 3 large cups in the morning, usually before 10 am. Black! I have a copper Turkish pot and love to make cardamom, cinnamon Turkish ground coffee. My husband usually makes French Press. I sometimes make matcha or cacao, usually with Cardamom and cinnamon. No dairy,no sweetener .


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I drink black coffee at the office and at home I use a Bialetti for Espressi and a French Press for regular coffee. I grind whole beans and often add coffee spice and a bit of oat milk.
Coffee is for during the day and not every day. On a regular basis and for breakfast I am a tea person.
On the road it's usually Americano or espresso and in foreign countries with a coffee culture that includes loads of sugar, I drink that with great pleasure.

@mavie I have never heard of coffee spice. What is the flavour? Thank you.


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@Polkadotsandsuperglue I believe it's from the arabian culture, probably some others too.
Mine is store bought and contains cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, vanilla and mace.
Thank you, sounds delicious and similar to chai spices. This is a wonderful example of why the Hive is amazing. Across the globe with many different cultures, we can learn and share in a respectful environment.


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I love coffee since I am 12.

At home, I have a machine that grinds the coffee beans on demand. I am quite demanding with coffee (at home), I know two artisan coffee shop in Brussels, or our supermarkt has a good selection of a fairtrade brand that gives a good range.

I like it black (cream, milk or sugar destroy the taste of the coffee), bitter with a tiny acid aftertaste or chocolate aftertaste.
In the evening, I enjoy a real esspresso prepared with a moka pot from Bialetti.

We have the chance to have a barrista at the office :)

I'd say I drink 4 cups tops a day.


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I can't drink coffee anymore because it hurts me (even decaf), but I was a sucker for the sweet stuff. My favorite was to order a grande(medium) vanilla bean frappucino with a shot of espresso from Starbucks. It HAD to be this size + exactly one shot of espresso. If it were medium with two shots, the shots would be too strong. If it were a small with one shot, it'd still be too strong. If it's a large with one shot, it's too weak.

Seriously the best drink in the whole entire world. Heh. I am tempting myself to order one now just thinking about it, but I'll try to refrain, don't want to be in agony for 12 hours straight...hard to resist though.

High quality plain coffee was also good with just a tiny bit of milk in it (no sugar packets, I think adding sugar makes it taste worse unless it's sugar inside of a creamer), but I'm also okay drinking it black. I prefer dark roasts, the darker the better. Caffeine has no effect on me, so I only drink coffee for the taste. I could genuinely down 8 energy drinks and 8 cups of coffee and feel completely the same. (Well, that was before my coffee intolerance started, but y'know!)


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Welcome to the DAREBEE Coffee club!


How do you take your coffee? How many cups a day do you drink? What's your favorite coffee type?
Photos of your coffee are welcome.
I typically skim latte and an Equal packet. But that's just if I am getting it at the local coffee shop. If I'm at home, it's a coffee mix powder that I put in hot water. LOL


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I drink up to 3 cups of Nescafe Decaf instant coffee, black with no sugar at home.
If I am out I generally will not have coffee unless I am with a specific friend, in which case I have double shot espresso(s). That is pretty much the only caffeine I ever have.


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I drink coffee usually with just some milk. Any brew method, most often drip. Not picky except I prefer it strong and dark. I enjoy all types.
Thick as tar camp coffee, espresso, cold brew, drip, whatever. Variable amounts, variable times, most often with breakfast and after dinner.
Guessing a range of 3 to 9 cups? (700mL to 2L)
Usually 3. (700mL)

In it for the flavor not the caffeine. Probably near immune anyway.
I joke that being half Costa Rican it literally is in my blood.

Occasionally going all out with a full Irish coffee is fun. Mixing my Irish and Costa Rican halves in one excessive treat.
Strong hot coffee with a shot of Irish whiskey (Jameson), a dash of Irish Cream liquor (Baileys), topped with freshly whipped cream!