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Thx, everyone... I am better, but now my wife is down with the sickness...
The kids are better, but still not full of their energy. I, myself felt already good enough to go to work on the last day of the year. We also went out to lunch with the colleagues. That was nice...


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[Thu] December 22nd

[daily activities] 🎯
{challenges} on hold
{FIT December} D5-8
> 30sec between sets
>2min between days
[other activities] 🎯
The Walk – Episode 16
- 7,5km Walk in ~85min
Snowfight recap: 278 squats and ~100 bicep curls @10kg
[activity - level 2] ~180% 🎯.
[steps in total] ~19k
[PT exercises] (2/4)
spine rotation **
❌rotator cuff/ shoulder
❌ hip/knee rotation
stretching or rolling
[wellness] -
[bass] lesson 30 🎯
(S)low (N)ok (W)-0,6 (B/G)done


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[Fri-Sun] December 23rd-25th

Christmas days – We celebrated a nice 24th… we had the grandparents over for raclette-dinner…Thenwe went to church, cause my son participated in a nativity play. He did very well… daddy is proud. Afterwards: MainEvent: Presents... There were a view Carrera Races on the 25th.
Again, I did my bass work… didn't sleep that well… and nutrition was... let’s say X-messy


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2022 Fitness Recap:
It was a rough year, there where a lot of ups and downs. I was focused on running and it was fun. I wrote a summary back in August. I’ll copy'n'paste it here, in case you are interested:
1 year ago I restarted running, a "discipline" I did not think I would do ever again... but never say never!
Since then, I ran 661km in 104 runs. My longest run was 15km and the fastest runs were a 5k in 24:50 and 10k in 56:15. At the moment running is indeed my main activity with a weekly distance around 25km.
I also did two charity runs. For the first one I ran 7,5km against racism and the for second one I ran 26,6 km in 2 runs over 3 days to support cancer research.
One great thing about running, in my opinion is, the way I explore the world. I already found a few places, I would have never seen, without running. And... I think there's more to come! Let's see where the second year as a runner will lead me! Literally and figuratively!
Nothing big happend after that. Oh, wait.... I started to run with the Zombie's?Run! App, what is a good motivation.

In 2023 there were three major setbacks: A common cold in early February, Covid in April and the biggest issue: backpain during September, directly followed by a cold… which more ore less goes on till today…
After the breaks in Feb and April I recovered well, so I assume it will be the same for ongoing situation.

Here is a screenshot of my strava progression:

Still, I had a lot more goals/targets/milestones on my plan. Could not complete a lot of them, but lets have a closer look:

[running] 14th of May: run a 10k race…
Due to Covid, I had to postpone and shorten the „race“ and change to a charity run. I did a +10k run 22 times during 2022, which is infact a cool coincidence. So I am calling it „achieved“ 🎯
Pace milestones:
[running] 10k under 60min ✔️(20.07.22)
[running] 5k under 25min ✔️(23.08.22)

[weight/nutrition] get under 90kg
My weight went down throughout the year. But it is around 92 for a while now… I am on my way with that one. A little less sweets might do the trick… to break the plateau…

An 2022 overview: 92.4 kg is the average of december...

[Calisthenics] strength and skills
get back to where I was...and further...
I neglected that part of my training, I was still bouldering and did a few workouts here and there, but it was maintenance at most… I want to pick that one up again in 2023.

[Daily Awareness – 2022 Summary]
[Activity] 121% 🎯

Definitely a hit.

[Nutrition] 74% 🎯
I am ok with that one.
[Sleep] 60%
I am not satisfied with that. A good night‘s sleep has to be a priority in 2023
[Weight] -2,5 kg in one year
Does not seem a lot, but I started to track in 10/2021 @100kg… so to be steady around 92-93 is definitely an accomplishment. 🎯

[Bass/Guitar] 79% 🎯
Starting to play bass was and still is a lot of fun. I am almost done with my first book of lessons…
[(B/G)Piggy Bank] "Account" is at 55 coins
Earned coins and bought a few nice things!

In the end I struggled a lot, but I did also learn a lot in 2022. And that's what live is about, right?


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"“Keep an eye on the staircases. They like to change.” Percy Weasley, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."
Happy New Year