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  • Thank you very much, Bees
  • The hugs were greatly appreciated
  • I will get into the whole story in the following post
  • Basics yesterday and today
  • Skipped the pushup holds because stress has knotted my shoulders fiercely
  • It's been a hard day, but moments weren't too bad
  • Ran some chores and saw some cats
  • Always a pleasure
  • My appetite is mostly back
  • Only have brief periods of nausea
  • Managed no caffeine the last 2 days, even with minimal sleep
  • Naps were had
  • The start of my story:


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On Halloween, Liam was penned into the kitchen. It has pocket doors that we use to keep the dining room off limits so Casper can eat in peace. Dad didn't fully close the door and Liam was able to stick his paw in half an inch and open it. He ran past me and Mom and bit a child Trick or Treating.

The boy is doing very well (3 stitches) and the family has been graciously kind in working with us. However, this event labeled Liam a "dangerous" dog. You cannot re-home a "dangerous" dog because it is impossible to get insurance. The church (who own the house; we technically rent it) were the ones to pay the family. With the danger of another bite, and the probable lawsuit therein, we were told we had to get rid of Liam.

Those pictures are our first and last car ride. Liam breathed his last at 10:45 Monday morning. He was our angel and is already missed fiercely.

I have a final video taken yesterday morning that I'll post to Instagram when I can watch it.

Having this community has been one of the bright spots in all of this. Thank you.


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  • Thank you all, Bees
  • Basics
  • Dad used the gun on my shoulders yesterday
  • So they hurt, but not as much
  • Mom sees Tyler tomorrow and I'm going with
  • The big question:
  • Will I be able to interact with Theo?
  • So far, Tuesday, I wasn't even able to look at a dog
  • We'll see
  • I'm very numb right now
  • I'd take crying if I could laugh, too
  • Depression, I hate you
  • Good: immediately after my shower, I don't think much of anything; it's refreshing


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I know the pain you're going through... A while back, I had to put my dog to sleep, too... She jumped fence and attacked my neighbor. She was labeled a liability, and we were advised to put her to sleep. I gave her two good years of life in a world where she would've been put to sleep if I hadn't taken her, but there was only so much I could do for her after that happened. She died with a happy and expectant look in her eyes, which made me feel like a traitor, but also made me feel relieved that her final moments were good ones. Most dogs who are put down die in the arms of strangers, but ours died surrounded by her family.

When you have reached a point in your life where your only regret is not being able to do more, you can rest assured that you've done enough. I'm certain that your next companion will help your heart to heal by leaps and bounds if you let it.


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  • Thank you, Bees
  • Basics
  • We're getting snow now (at least 2 ft, up to 6)
  • So a trip to the store was necessary
  • (If we're lucky, Mom will get off tomorrow. Adult Snow Day!)
  • Picked up cat food, too, and that wasn't the easiest visit
  • The table of locally made dog treats?
  • There was a very affectionate kitten, though
  • Didn't see Theo because Tyler was out sick
  • Probably a good thing
  • If you live in the United States, and are a pet owner, try Chewy
  • I called to return an unopened bag of food and the representative was super kind
  • Apparently it's custom to send a bouquet if they learn your pet has passed
  • And they deleted Liam's profile so I didn't have to
  • It was a good pain
  • Wednesday in 6 days
  • Good: didn't wake to tears
  • Pleased (working toward Happy): Chewy


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  • Thank you, @CODawn
  • Basics
  • Got snow
  • Got a lot* of snow
  • About 54in/137cm
  • Lost power
  • (8-12:30, so not too bad)
  • I exercised to warm up
  • Mom did indeed have off today and had to call off tomorrow as well
  • We still have a travel ban
  • (It would be more frustrating if we could leave the house.
  • We can if we open the garage door.
  • I tried the side door.
  • It didn't work.)
  • I might be lifting from the fog?
  • No hopes raised, but fingers crossed
  • Casper curled up on my lap
  • (!)
  • He usually lies next to me under a blanket
  • Snow is incredibly insulating
  • It was very quiet this morning
  • It was lovely
  • Good: got everything done early enough to have a lazy day
  • Pleased (working toward Happy): texted with Bee
  • *too many pictures for a post


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  • I'm glad it could bring you pleasure, @Nanna Io
  • Basics
  • Dad and brother spent several hours digging out the driveway
  • The hardest was where the plow packed the street's snow into the drive
  • But they got Mom's car out and will get Dad's tomorrow
  • Travel ban is still in effect, so no church
  • And the National Guard was called out to help remove the snow
  • Had another quiet day
  • Mom surprised me with waffles for breakfast, which was a delight
  • She's also talking Dad into 2 new cats
  • So we may have new kittens in the house
  • I'm no longer waking with tears!
  • Smiling is becoming easier!
  • Laughing still has some work
  • Good: Casper sprawled over my lap
  • Pleased (working toward Happy): Dylan is live


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  • Lots of snow, indeed! And it's starting to compact, so it's getting harder to shovel...
  • Perhaps not  all of the pictures will be shown, @CODawn, but plenty will
  • Basics
  • Cut the push-up challenge
  • I realized today that I hadn't done it in several days
  • I'll get to it when I'm in a better place
  • Despite a slow start, and a lack of practice, we won!
  • Bills are back in proper form
  • My brother was able to get to work today, so there's hope Mom will manage it tomorrow
  • We could use a couple things
  • Casper has been especially cuddly today
  • None of us are complaining
  • Good: cuddly kitten
  • Pleased (working toward Happy): Casper sat on my hand when I wasn't giving him the attention he wanted. It was delightful.


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  • Thank you, @Louve Rose
  • Do I have a story about "cuddly" kittens, @Nanna Io...
  • Basics
  • Much relieved to have removed the challenge
  • Got to play with a large dead bird today
  • Yay
  • (It will taste divine; I must keep this in mind)
  • Mom was able to get to work  and buy groceries
  • Alas, she had already had pizza for lunch, so I was unable to get it for supper
  • Sometime this week!
  • Casper was a  brat
  • Came over, looked at my lap, and ignored it
  • FOUR times!
  • Came up, circled my lap, AND IGNORED IT
  • Mom came home?
  • Instant snuggles
  • I have been betrayed...
  • Mom sees Tyler tomorrow
  • Going to try seeing Theo
  • And then, if they're open, we're going to check out the SPCA
  • No guarantee we'll find a cat, but we're going to look
  • (Mama has wanted a Russian Blue for decades. There are several, it's just if they mesh with us.)
  • Good: lists; all the lists; planning is good!
  • Pleased (working toward Happy): Mom could not stop laughing at Casper's behavior; I definitely had a smile from her giggling


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Oh, @Nanna Io...

Casper is coming into himself. We brought him home 3 days after Liam, so he had never known this house without a giant bully. That's changing!

Before, if I was lucky, Casper would hide under my blanket and I'd have a warm spot against my leg. Pleasant, but not very cuddly. (If Liam realized he was under there? 😬)

After Liam? This cat... He lunges after scraps of paper like they're bugs. He  watches bugs, but unless they're easily reached, ignores them. The slightest sound outside? He's on the back of the sofa. Or worse: the back room must be opened.

This cat will try to open a fully closed door. If he doesn't succeed (which he will, if it's anything but  fully closed), he cries. He whines. He tries the window we leave open in warmer months. Anything to get out there.

And then yesterday. He's started curling on laps without blanket interference. And yet...

(I would not change him for the world. He is such a cat.)


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Ooooooh I actually had the same experience with two cats, one of whom was a major bully, and another one who has always been small and skinny and incredibly supicious of everyone and everything. Well, now that the bully is gone... she suddenly became cuddly, communicative, playful... the whole lot.

Also, I hear you so much on the window thing. One of our cats still cries in front of "his" window which is always open in Summer but closed now. He could walk around but no. He needs to get out from THAT window.


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  • Basics
  • Didn't get to everything on my list because the day got away from me a bit
  • No Theo, he wasn't in today
  • Tyler is feeling better, though!
  • Went to the adoption agency
  • (Not SPCA only because this one is closer and where we got Casper)
  • Two beautiful greys, mom and daughter
  • Unfortunately, they didn't want anything to do with us
  • So we wandered

  • This is Nox; you can also take it as (Shi)Nobu
  • Nox is curiosity incarnate
  • Nobu is calmer
  • Identical except for the white spot on Nox's belly
  • Casper isn't super enthused (there's been some hissing)
  • And the kittens (5 months) have only ever known the shelter
  • So the exploring is tentative
  • They haven't even seen stairs yet!
  • More pictures to follow as things settle
  • Good: 2 out of 3 things from my list!
  • Pleased (working toward Happy): these kittens are a hoot