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1. We all start with two snowballs :snowball::snowball: each.

2. Tag someone using the @ and their name and throw a snowball or two at them!

3. Each snowball can be dodged by doing one jumping jack.

4. Each snowball you dodge gives you two snowballs in return.

5. You have 24 hours to dodge a snowball thrown at you.

6. The entire fight takes place on this thread.

7. Don't know who to tag? See who is online at the bottom of the forum!

8. Try to bring in as many people as you can to the snowfight.

It's ok not to respond to a tag. If you don't want to participate, just ignore the notification. Alternatively, you can go into the invisible mode - you can do it in your settings. Ready?... FIGHT!

P.S. Don't forget to claim the SNOWFIGHT participation badge ball2023.png in your profile.

Event Starts: December 17
Event Ends: December 20
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Wooo! Dodged 2, up to 170. So there´s still somebody brave enough to go against me :D Kinda figured my enormous stockpile would deterr potential assailants, although I´m very happy to have been proven wrong :)


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Not scared, really? Let´s see about that, shall we?

So for a light start 10 to @Nevetharine

Still got 160 more where those came from, I can go all day :D
So... you're aiming for people who aren't scared of you? And you've gone all day, but can you go all night? Which will win out, your pride or your stamina? I wonder how this story will unfold. :ss:


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Dodged 5, I have 10 to dole out

2 x @Mamatigerj Payback with interest
5 x @Juan Jardinero Also payback with interest
1 x @Fremen for all the likes
1 x @Damer for all the great info and hard work
1 x @neilarey for being amazing and giving your time and energy to offer this site to all of us

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